National Petition to Cancel all Rents and Mortgages


President Joe Biden:

People all across the United States are experiencing the most unimaginable and devastating crisis of COVID-19. More than 50 million people have lost their jobs, millions more stand to lose their incomes in weeks and months to come. One of the most critical issues is housing.

The CARES Act and other Congressional bills are not nearly enough to address this massive crisis. Hospitals don’t have enough resources. A one time $1200 and $600 payment for individuals does not go far enough and too many people are excluded from the benefits altogether. 

Many renters have been unable to pay their rent during the pandemic. The rent moratoriums implemented in several states will require that the rent be paid at some point in the future but with the loss of jobs and cuts to income, many will be unable to pay a debt so large. 

Housing and utilities are an absolute necessity for every human being, especially during the life-and-death struggle against COVID-19. No one should lose their housing for any reason in this crisis! The rent and mortgage including for small businesses must be cancelled during this crisis. 

We urgently demand that you, President Biden, use your executive authority to declare:

1. A national cancellation of all rents, mortgages for homeowners, small landlords and small business, for the duration of the Pandemic.

2. No shutoff of gas, electricity and water utilities, the restoration of utilities for households that are currently shut off for lack of ability to pay, no accumulation of debt.

3. Eminent domain over vacant buildings, homes, hotels, all appropriate structures to house the homeless or people in precarious housing situations, including the undocumented and victims of domestic violence.

Will you sign?