Housing Rights Activists to Rally in Protest of Supreme Court Ruling Against Eviction Moratorium

Responding to a call from the national housing rights campaign Cancel the Rents, activists in cities across the country will hold a rally protesting the outrageous decision by the Supreme Court to strike down the federal eviction moratorium. Activists will denounce this cruel ruling and express their commitment to keeping up the fight to ensure that no one is evicted from their home and all back rent accumulated during the pandemic is canceled.

Cancel the Rents is a nationwide movement that was initiated at the start of the 2020 pandemic to demand that the U.S. government cancel the rents and mortgages, and stop all evictions and foreclosures. Over the past year, it has organized several national days of actions in coordination with 50+ cities—including monthly car caravan protests.

Cancel the Rents organizer Marissa Sanchez said, “At least 11 million people are imminently at risk of eviction because the Supreme Court decided to side with big landlords over working class renters. It’s clear that the Supreme Court as an institution defends the interests of the rich and powerful.”

Walter Smolarek, also an organizer for Cancel the Rents, said, “All eyes are on Congress. We demand that they take immediate action to legislate a new moratorium that is indefinite and covers 100% of the country. A moratorium enacted by Congress, as opposed to the CDC, would be shielded from a court challenge.”